6.9.2011 ~ Finished for a month? already?

Wow, one month since the completion of my epic trek… and I must apologise for the delay in me writing a post.. I am a slacker and also didn’t want the adventure to end!

So we are back in Kempsey, Mum has been away for work stuff and Joe has been off with his Dad. And I have been rattling around in a massive house reminding myself how to cook and clean (all the fun stuff!). Titan and Meg are chillaxing and the dogs are enjoying being in one spot. I took Titan to a dressage clinic last weekend and he went amazing, I realised his entire life has been focused on relaxing and straight lines! Oops! I was very proud of the way he conducted himself being around other horses and having to cope with all the busyness! Meg is just chilling out here at home living the high life! Eating, snoozing and bossing Titan around. I find myself wandering out and standing in the paddock with them and eventually sitting on the grass with Bobby and what’s left of my crew. I miss Surprise and Lofty more than I thought I would. I have such a strong connection with Meg and especially Titan. He was at times such a pain on the trek making my life so difficult and also creating aches and pains! But knowing that I got him because nobody else wanted him, I broke him in, I trusted him and then put a whole heap of faith in his ability to push on when everything is going to hell in a hand basket. And now, he is turning his hoof to dressage like he was born for it. I can talk about how proud I am of Mum and Joe for being my support crew, all the generosity of our sponsor’s and the amazing people I met with out bursting into tears with gratitude. But the moment I even think of the amazing efforts these four horses have done for me makes me choke up. Even typing this I sit here sobbing about how brilliant and trusting Titan, Meg, Lofty and Surprise were for me. They put so much faith in me and I can never repay that. The words I type will never pay homage to those four Horses.  I read in an advertisement years ago, I actually cut it out and stuck it in a journal ‘It takes more than Carrots’ It was a photo of a woman leading her horse across a narrow Log. Well my four Horses have travelled through four states, four time zones and all the way across Australia, so if carrots is what they want the can damn well have them! After Han passed away I have a small tattoo of her name on my foot. I was considering the other day if it was over the top to get my crew tattooed on me! (I am going to think long and hard about that one!)

On the way home I got sick in Balranald and had a quick trip to hospital, to make sure it was nothing to dramatic and had another check up yesterday. I am booked in to see a pyhsio as the doctors words were ‘she sits beautifully on a horse, but not so walking!’ Since I have been walking and standing on my own two feet after three months of Training then three months of trekking I have somewhat done a touch of damage to my natural posture. I can trot 30k’s on a horse no worries but if I walk a kilometre I am crippled the next day! Slightly concerning for a 21 yr old but nothing that isn’t fixable!

It is good to be back with old friends and in a community that is so welcoming. I am sure that another adventure will pop up and I will be in the thick of it again:-)

This Photo is taken on the Nullarbor when I am trying to get out of the wind. Lofty my forever cheeky companion. 


Meg, forever tough and enduring.



Titan, my main man who through everything covered his miles made me furious, happy and most of all was comfortable!

Happy trails. Es.






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  1. Barb Says:

    What can we say Es…<3<3. Suprise misses his girl to. xxxxxx

  2. Lesleigh Altmann Says:

    What a wonderful post Ez! We are all so proud of you and the trail team. You have a lot of your mum in you. Take care and say hi to the crew
    Love Lesleigh

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