About Joe

Mum riding 'Meg, me riding 'Billy' the best horse in the world!

Hi I’m joe I am hannahs little brother I am 12 years old I am in year 7 at st pauls college kempsey 2 years ago I went on our bike ride from kempsey to Melbourne.

I stayed the whole time showing all our drivers how to set up our caravan the caravan had a toilet with a very small sewerage tank on it the drivers always emptied it no one agreed to my system of having a chart in the toilet and who ever used it the most  empties it

my story may be a bit short because my right hand is in a  bandage with a strained finger so im typing with my left hand but its annoying because im right handed

Joe and 'Billy' - Mates 2010

my interests include caving as we own over 90 caves on our farm at moparrabah.

`motor bike riding also I have Kawasaki klx 125cc for sale for $2,600

Flying planes as I’m training to get my pilots license

Driving my Daihatsu handi paddock basher through the paddock and doing burn outs up at the farm.

Cooking breakfast, lunch,dinner and dessert- I love cooking and preparing food for my family

Fishing in the river

Horse riding on my horse billy he is a Clydesdale quarter horse. Mum took him to Melbourne last year on a 1860 km horse trek for ride4acure. I visited mum 3 times and rode him each time. I rode him through the streets of Melbourne on 4th july 2010 it was cool with trams, trains, heaps of buses and traffic, people everywhere. Billy hated the sound of the church bells. We rode in on a Sunday morning so there were a million bells.

I enjoy helping ride for a cure in 2010 I grew my hair for a year then I shaved it off and raised over $700

When I am 16 I want to fly solo around Australia

I am looking forward to the horse  trek in 2011 as we’ll be going from Crescent Head to Perth and I’ll have a term off school but mum’s making me do some work and I’m gonna try and write a book with cartoons about the trek. I’m going across the Nullabor. My sister Esther is riding her three horses 4600 kms for ride4acure. We’re going to heaps of schools and communities to talk with people and visit schools and raise money for melanoma research in young people.

I  am very proud of my mum doing all of her treks and raising so much money.