26.8.11- Home sweet home on 24th….

Day One Crescent Head NSW 2.5.11 Pacific Ocean

116 days on the road whilst Esther completed 4600kms Coast2Coast on her amazing horses ‘putting melanoma on the map’ across this magnificent country of ours…Crescent Head NSW to Perth WA…..97 days of get up, saddle up, keep riding…..40 schools and community events presenting ‘Mela-What?’ raising awareness of melanoma as a young persons disease in Australia (the most common cancer that young people under 25 get), 32 tanks of diesel to get there and back….raising over $25 000 with more coming in and  dozens and dozens of amazingly fantastic humans who made the trek so incredible and of course our TOTALLY AWESOME sponsors of whom we couldn’t have done this trek and I’m so indebted too……we thank you, from the bottom of our hearts we thank you…..

A very THANKFUL ride4acure 2011 horsetrek crew

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  1. Martha Calhoun Says:

    Hey guys,

    Welcome home!!! You are all so totally awesome I am lost for words. I have watched your journey via your regular blogs – thank you so much for being the people you are. I love you Maura, Esther and Joe. xxxxxx Martha

  2. Joe and Trish Says:

    Such an amazing achievement. We’ve been following your journey day by day and acknowledge the incredible personal effort on Esther’s part in crossing the country “there and back” on horseback. Accolades are also due to the support crew and all the many people who have helped out along the way. A tremendous boost to melanoma awareness throughout the country on behalf of the Hannah Rose Foundation.
    Love to Esther, Maura and Joe for this unique achievement.
    Joe and Trish

  3. Chris Chaplin Says:

    Welcome home guys. Very proud of you. Hope you get a chance for a well earned rest. Looking forward to connecting soon. Much love.

  4. Fred McGrady Says:

    Having met members of your family in Moree NSW during the early 80’s I see where your compassion & determination comes from. What an inspiration you are to your family & other Australians.

    Fred McGrady

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