10 Days and counting down…

118 days of training can fly that’s what I’ve discovered. with only 10 days left to ‘play’ with organising, planning, phoning, mailing, emailing, writing letters by hand (yes I do that too when needed!), lobbying sponsors, seeking donations for auction etc.  and of course doing the miles in between all the above with my horses. We’re off on  a 30km training ride this morning (6 hours of riding) then back to the computer. Riding is my relaxation, when I’m in the saddle everything else falls away, slows down and comes into focus. I have loads of time to ponder things and plan! Some of my best ideas come while I have my bum in the saddle!

Last night had a snapshot of ride4acure on Prime News filmed at Willawarrin at the Rodeo grounds and the main street. Hannah was a member of Willawarrin Pony club for ten years, and also rode each year in May at Willawarrin Campdraft. This year on 2nd May the Hannah Rose Memorial Encouragement Campdraft (Trophy kindly donated by Coggie and Linda Wilshusen) will be held as part of the weekend of the Annual Willawarrin Campdraft on 1 & 2 May, incidentaly the 2nd May is Hannah’s 22nd Birthday. http://portmacquarie.iprime.com.au/index.php/news/prime-news/saddle-up-for-charity-video,344841

Am meeting with our local MP Mr Andrew Stoner tomorrow to brief on ride4acure and doing the rounds of business who have pledged donations for the auction at Willawarrin Hotel next Saturday (17th April) night to pick up items. There are some fantastic things on the auction  list guys. Two stallion services, two shirts sent out from USA by Pete Farley (Pro Bull Rider),  farmstay, sculptures, Carlton Party Pack, meal vouchers and much more. If you have items you’d like to donate please contact me or drop at Willawarrin Hotel or Silver Dollar Saddlery in Smith St (next to Subway) Kempsey.

This weekend am doing a 60km round trip campout with my 11 year old son Joe. We’re riding into Willawarrin on Saturday from Moparrabah for Joe to ride at ponyclub on Sunday. Joe will be joining me for the first few days of the trek over the ‘goat track’, aka….Armidale Rd with the stunning and amazing views of the Macleay River.

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